Polkadot reveals future-proof scaling updates at sub0 developer conference

Developers of Polkadot, the blockspace ecosystem for boundless innovation, will start testing a new process that will provide radical scaling solutions for the network within a matter of weeks. The plans were unveiled at sub0, the Polkadot Developer Conference, by Sophia Gold, Engineering Lead at Parity Technologies, a leading contributor to Polkadot. She said asynchronous […]

The New Playbook: SB22 and ALL.ART’s Blueprint for NFT-Driven Sports Entertainment

In a groundbreaking fusion of technology and sports entertainment, SB22 and ALL.ART proudly announce a partnership set to redefine the future. Merging the adrenaline of immersive sports betting with the innovative world of NFTs and blockchain solutions, this collaboration promises to elevate the sports entertainment experience, delivering unparalleled engagement and opportunities for enthusiasts around the […]

Rollup ID Launches Beta

Rollup ID, the user management platform providing simple and secure auth for the private web, announces its Beta launch. By bringing all of a user’s authentication methods under a single digital ID, Rollup enables simpler onboarding and sign-in and provides businesses with a better means of keeping track of users, no matter what credentials they […]

Algorand Announces Membership in OpenWallet Foundation

The Algorand Foundation, the organization focused on growing the ecosystem for the world’s most advanced, secure and reliable layer-1 blockchain, announces membership in the OpenWallet Foundation (OWF). OWF is an open source project advancing digital identity, access and payments by fostering collaboration across industries. The news was shared on stage at the Open Source Summit […]

AX1 Unveils Comprehensive Research on the Web3 Landscape

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the crypto industry stands as a beacon of innovation and opportunities. AX1 takes a deep dive into this dynamic world, focusing on the pivotal role of Trust Wallet in the DeFi and DEX sectors. The research offers a rounded perspective on the regulatory landscapes steering the crypto industry, providing […]

ETH Riyadh 2023: Exploring the Future of the Web3 Ecosystem

On October 11th, 2023, ETH Riyadh 2023, presented by Tharawat Technology, Studio 23, ChainIDE, Coffee with Crypto, and Mask, is poised to assemble developers, innovators, and the global blockchain community in a dynamic exchange of ideas and technological advancements. Riyadh is once again primed to assert itself as a global epicenter for blockchain innovation with […]

Solar Dex to relaunch on Quai Network

While many solutions for blockchain scalability have been proposed, they remain unable to crack the blockchain trilemma, sacrificing security and decentralization. Quai is the first blockchain protocol that is simultaneously decentralized, censorship resistant and infinitely scalable. Quai, in contrast to traditional cryptocurrencies, functions as a network of many interoperable blockchains braided together. Due to a […]

Bright Horizons: Fideum Group Anchors Spot in Mastercard Lighthouse Elite Program

Fideum Group, an ambitious financial aggregator renowned for its commitment to enhancing both retail and institutional client experiences, announced its notable inclusion in the prestigious Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV 2023 Fall Program. As one of 15 selectees from the Nordic and Baltic regions, Fideum Group is poised to redefine the fintech industry alongside other innovators, startups, […]

Web3 Social Platform “Cardano Spot” Unveils New Features to Empower Cardano Enthusiasts

First all-in-one social media platform for everything Cardano, Cardano Spot, has unveiled a series of innovative features. The platform, founded and developed with direct input from the Cardano community, aims to address fragmentation within the Cardano ecosystem, provide a 360-view, and foster enhanced community interaction. Latest Enhancements for a More Robust Experience Cardano Spot has […]

Safe to launch modular Account Abstraction stack on Polygon zkEVM

Safe, the most battle-tested smart wallet infrastructure, today announced it will launch its modular account abstraction stack on Polygon zkEVM. This leading ZK scaling protocol is equivalent to Ethereum Virtual Machine, where the vast majority of existing smart contracts, developer tools and wallets already work seamlessly. This enables developers to build dApps with seamless abstracted […]

Offchain Labs and Espresso Systems Partner to Bring Transaction Ordering Technology to Ethereum Rollups

Today, Espresso Systems and Offchain Labs announced that they have formed a partnership towards bringing decentralized and open shared sequencing technology to Ethereum rollups. The collaboration will see the teams undertake joint research on Timeboost, a transaction-ordering design previously proposed by Offchain Labs, and will support technical integrations between the Arbitrum technology stack, Timeboost ordering, […]

CipherBlade and MacNerd Unite to Fortify Blockchain Security

CipherBlade, a leading name in blockchain forensics, will collaborate closely with MacNerd, a pioneering force in blockchain technology and software development. While both companies bring unique strengths to the table, this collaboration will predominantly focus on bolstering crypto security and investigation services. CipherBlade’s track record of recovering millions of dollars in stolen cryptocurrency, coupled with […]

TaxBit Announces AI Enabled Rules Engine for Crypto Accounting

TaxBit, the premier end-to-end modern tax and accounting solution for the digital economy, announced its AI-enabled rules engine to empower businesses dealing with cryptocurrencies to streamline their accounting processes. As the global cryptocurrency market surpasses a market capitalization of over $1 trillion, businesses face mounting challenges in accurately managing crypto transactions. TaxBit’s innovative AI-supported solution […]

Unlocking the Future with Entropy Mainnet: A Gateway to Experience and Earnings (X and E)

Planning to integrate an existing business into a blockchain network? Entropy Network, now officially live for the general public, offers a groundbreaking solution. This pioneering network simplifies the integration process. At its core, Entropy dedicates itself to diminishing barriers for WEB2-based services to access blockchain services seamlessly. It also ensures reliability with service-specific private blockchains. […]


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