SphereX Recognized in zkLink Season 1 Ecosystem Grant Program

SphereX, the cutting-edge decentralized exchange (DEX) platform, is proud to announce its recognition as a recipient of the zkLink Season 1 Ecosystem Grant. This grant highlights SphereX’s innovative approach to cross-chain trading and its commitment to enhancing user experiences within the DeFi space. zkLink Ecosystem Grant Program The zkLink Ecosystem Grants Program, which ran from […]

Why the ‘Monopoly Mhaya’ Airdrop Is a Massive Opportunity

Mhaya Brands is thrilled to announce the launch of the ‘Monopoly Mhaya’ airdrop, a revolutionary project poised to transform users into blockchain ‘tycoons’ through relentless clicking and the pursuit of profit. Since its debut on Telegram in July 2024, ‘Monopoly Mhaya’ has taken the platform by storm, attracting a massive user base. Why Join ‘Monopoly […]

SoMon Becomes Fastest-Growing Web3 Social App with 300,000 Transactions in Two Weeks

SoMon, a decentralized Web3 forum with a vision to create a space for user-owned content and connections, recently launched its app on Base and has already gained more than 300,000 on-chain transactions in 14 days since its launch, making it the most active and fastest-growing social app in the Web3 space. SoMon, short for Social […]

StakeVault.Network to Launch Validator Services for ETH, ATOM, TIA, and SUI

StakeVault.Network (SVN) is set to expand its validator services to major blockchain networks, including Ethereum (ETH), Cosmos (ATOM), TIA, and SUI, in the near future. This expansion aims to provide users with secure and efficient staking services, enhancing the security and performance of each network. Discover StakeVault.Network StakeVault.Network is a project dedicated to offering cutting-edge […]

MetaBeat Partners with FZF Ventures to Lead Web3 Music Innovation

FZF Ventures, a specialist firm in blockchain and cryptocurrency market investments, and MetaBeat, a Fan-to-Earn Kpop Music NFT Platform, officially announced their strategic partnership. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in both companies’ efforts to leverage blockchain technology and the burgeoning digital asset market. FZF Ventures, known for its proactive investments in high-growth areas […]

GGEM Launcher recent updates: IBC Group investment, GGEM token plus Berachain, and new games

GGEM — a Web3 Game Launcher and gaming infrastructure designed for blockchain games and newcomers to crypto and blockchain technology at all — is excited to announce recent significant updates: 4 new games onboarded, launch of GGEM token on Berachain, IBC Group & GensoKishi investments, development milestones achieved. Launching on Berachain GGEM token won’t be […]

RWA – King of the Bull: Reviving the Real World Asset Sector in the Bull Market

An Alliance of Leading RWA Projects to Educate, Engage, and Excite the Crypto Community. In the dynamic world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, Real World Assets (RWA) have emerged as a pivotal narrative poised for exceptional performance in the upcoming bull market. Recognizing the potential and importance of RWAs, Ink Finance, in collaboration with five other […]

Transforming Crypto Payments: Bitvium Brings Light to Next-Gen Fintech Solutions

A radical challenge in crypto payments is constant security problems, such as phishing scams and poor user experience. In this decade, users should never have to worry about those dangers, which makes Bitvium’s market offering distinctive. Bitvium is a trailblazing fintech company that provides seamless, secure, and efficient payment solutions. One of its significant commitments […]

GPGPU addresses NVIDIA’s supply shortage issue

The rapid advancements in AI modeling and machine learning have led to an explosive increase in the demand for GPU resources. The growth of the AI market has resulted in a surge in demand, now exceeding three times the current global GPU supply capacity of cloud services. In response, the CEO of OpenAI has requested […]

Satoshi Protocol Secures $2 Million Seed Funding to Build Universal Stablecoin for Bitcoin

Satoshi Protocol, a pioneering project building a “universal” stablecoin designed specifically for the Bitcoin ecosystem, successfully closed a $2 million seed funding round in May 2024. Led by CMS Holdings and RockTree Capital, the round signifies strong investor confidence in Satoshi Protocol’s vision of unlocking Bitcoin’s full potential. This funding round also saw participation from […]

Kabuni Pioneers a New Era of Community Ownership with Tokenised Shares on Polygon Blockchain

Kabuni, a groundbreaking platform committed to unlock the human potential in every community to elevate life, proudly announces the tokenisation of its shares on the Polygon blockchain. This strategic move coincides with the relocation of Kabuni’s headquarters to Switzerland, a global hub for blockchain innovation, further solidifying its position as a leader in the Web3 […]

Astra Nova: The Tier 1 Web3 Game Booming With 170,000+ Active Users Pre-Token Launch

Astra Nova, the revolutionary action RPG, is making significant strides as the 1st Web3 game to emerge from Saudi Arabia’s vibrant gaming landscape. Built on Unreal Engine 5, Astra Nova is captivating the gaming community with its innovative approach and immersive gameplay. Currently, Astra Nova is running a highly successful SocialFi campaign called “The Black […]

Cwallet Expands Crypto Loans Landscape | Marking a New Era of Success in Lending

Since its inception in March, the Cwallet Crypto Loan service has quickly surpassed a thousand transactions, marking a significant milestone that highlights its growing impact and acceptance in the competitive crypto lending market. By allowing cryptocurrency holders to access loans by using their digital assets as collateral, Cwallet has introduced a practical and innovative financial […]


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