Multis Team Joins Safe to Build Cross-Chain Smart Wallet Infrastructure

Safe, the leading smart wallet infrastructure, with more than $100 billion in value of digital assets secured, has welcomed the senior leadership team of Multis to the Safe Ecosystem Foundation and completed the strategic acquisition of the Multis source code; Multis is an all-in-one financial software designed for crypto businesses. At the same time, Thibaut […]

The Halvening Heralds a New Blockchain Economy for Miners

With the fourth block reward halving around the corner for BTC and BSV, there will be increased focus from miners regarding the scaling potential of blockchain technology, with a focus on revenue, cost efficiencies, and sustainability. While BTC faces challenges around block size limits, wallet / exchange congestion, and reduced block rewards, BSV is rolling […]

Zeko Labs Announces $3 Million in Funding to Propel Development of Zeko Protocol

Zeko Labs, a pioneering blockchain company realizing the vision of a world powered by zero-knowledge technology, announces the successful completion of a $3 million pre-seed funding round from a consortium of early-stage investors. This funding will accelerate the development and deployment of the Zeko Protocol, a cross-chain zero-knowledge scaling protocol built on Mina and designed […]

UMINERS (HK) Expands Operations to Ethiopia With Construction of New Data Center

Ethiopia is set to host a major megawatt mining facility, with its first line to be launched by autumn 2024. The project is being carried out by UMINERS (HK), a mining company and data centers operator. The construction of the first phase with 24,000 high-performance ASIC miners with a total 100 MW of power capacity […]

RuneData – a Runes Protocol Indexer Powered by RunicLayer2 and RunesBridge

The Runes Protocol, conceived by Casey Rodarmor, the creator of the esteemed Ordinals protocol, facilitates the issuance of fungible tokens on the Bitcoin network. Debuting in September 2023, Runes is currently undergoing testing in its version 0.18.1 (Latest), with plans to launch its mainnet during the Bitcoin Halving event at block 840,000 in April 2024. […]

Powerful Duo Joint Hand: aelf is Pivoting to AI Blockchain by Forging Alliance with AgentLayer

aelf, the high-performance Layer 1 blockchain, and AgentLayer, the world’s first decentralised network tailored for AI agents, have formed a strategic alliance to advance the integration of blockchain with artificial intelligence. Together, they aim to launch a pioneering decentralised AI infrastructure and ecosystem. This alliance plans to bring together stakeholders from across Asia — including […]

Changelly surpasses 7 million users, celebrating its 9th anniversary

Changelly, a global crypto exchange platform, marks its 9th anniversary with a new milestone of over 7 million registered users worldwide. Established in 2015, Changelly has become the leading crypto exchange platform and the trusted exchange API partner for over 500 Web3 companies. Through precise market analysis and never-ending innovation in product development, Changelly has […]

SquaredFinancial trading mobile app’s enhanced version now available

Industry-leading FinTech firm, SquaredFinancial, launches the latest version of its all-in-one mobile application. This next-generation platform aims at empowering investors to trade anytime, wherever they go, and offers them a client-focused seamless and cross-channel experience. The SquaredFinancial mobile app is available on Android and iOS devices, and users can download it for free on Apple […]

Cardano Spot & TapTools Join Hands For News & Data Sharing

Cardano Spot offers its News API to Cardano native projects for free. Meanwhile, the TapTools platform leads the data aggregation for Cardano markets. Singapore (1st April 2024): Cardano Spot is thrilled to announce a partnership with TapTools, Cardano’s native assets data aggregator. Cardano Spot, the first Cardano Social network, strives to educate and spread awareness […]

Frontier Leadership: How a Rising Layer 0 Platform, Vitreus, Revolutionizes Business with Blockchain and AI

Collaborative Digital Innovations (CDI), a Florida-based Regulatory Technology (RegTech) company makes waves revealing they will be using the Vitreus platform, a budding Layer 0 blockchain, to power their flagship product, COMPLiQ. This is an incredible milestone for both parties as this relationship represents opportunities for convergence between RegTech and blockchain solutions, offering a transformative approach […]

Nomic Unveils Bitcoin Liquid Staking Token Powered by Babylon’s Bitcoin Staking Protocol

Today, the Nomic DAO Foundation announced its plans to integrate Babylon’s pioneering Bitcoin staking protocol into its decentralized, non-custodial Bitcoin bridge. Leveraging Babylon’s technology, Nomic is introducing stBTC, a groundbreaking Bitcoin Liquid Staking Token (LST). Additionally, through the integration of Babylon’s Bitcoin staking protocol, Nomic will roll out dual-stake security, where Nomic will become secured […]

Lympid Transforms Investment Landscape with RWA Fractional Tokenization

Lympid is revolutionizing the investment experience by integrating real-world assets (RWAs) with blockchain technology. This enables investors to gain access to premium assets that were previously only available to the elite. Through fractionalized tokenization, Lympid is bridging the gap between digital finance and tangible wealth, and also enhancing liquidity for assets that are typically illiquid. […]

Waterfall Network Launches New Desktop App for Windows and macOS

Waterfall Network, the decentralized and scalable ledger, today announced the release of a new desktop app for Windows and macOS that now allows almost anyone to easily set up their own node on the blockchain. With one-click setup, users only need to download and open the app, their Metamask (or any EVM) wallet, and they […]

ICB Network Enters New Era of Blockchain Technology With Advanced Layer 1 Project

During this crucial period for the crypto industry, ICB Crypto Services is ready to announce the early launch of the Ideal Cooperation Blockchain (ICB) Network. Designed by the sophisticated ICB Labs, the ICB Network introduces a promising Layer 1 blockchain project that was created to update the standards of scalability, security, and efficiency in the […] Revolutionizing Elections with Blockchain Technology

As the world gears up for the upcoming presidential elections, a new player,, is set to change the game with its innovative blockchain voting system. This platform promises to enhance the integrity and transparency of the electoral process, potentially impacting the way votes are cast and counted. A New Dawn for Democracy utilizes […]


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