Hackers Ramp up Attacks on Mining Rigs Before Ethereum Price Crashes Into the Gutter


Hackers have set off in motion a massive campaign that scans for Internet-exposed Ethereum wallets and mining equipment, ZDNet has learned today. Attackers are scanning for devices with port 8545 exposed online. This is the standard port for the JSON-RPC interface of many Ethereum wallets and mining equipment. This interface is a programmatic API that […]

Bitcoin Miner Margins Tighten, Hash Power Goes in Decline

cryptocurrency prices

Miner euphoria came to a screeching halt last week as the price of Bitcoin tumbled forcing a 20% decrease in the networks hashrate. In a best-case scenario, most miners are now switching off equipment and await a lull of opportunity as margins have taken a 30% hit on the weekend versus the start of last […]

Crypto Mining Adobe Flash Malware

Gold Backed

Hackers are using fake Adobe Flash updates to install malware on victims’ computers and hijack them to mine cryptocurrencies like monero (XMR), researchers from cyber security firm Palo Alto Networks Inc. have discovered. Organizations with decent web filtering and more educated users have a much lower risk of being infected by such fake updates, however, […]

Blockchain Technology Could Reduce Uncertainty in Foreign Trade

Blockchain Technology

In its new policy brief, the Austrian Research Center International Economics (FIW) has examined the possible effects of digitization, including blockchain technology, on the export economy, Cointelegraph auf Deutsch reports today, September 28. The report was prepared by Bernhard Dachs from the Austrian Institute of Technology on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and draws a positive […]

Grin Is Hard Forking Every Six Months to Keep ASICs Off the Network


The Grin community is trying to keep ASICs away – but only for the next two years. Best known for implementing MimbleWimble, which refactors and in turn, improves both the privacy and scalability of its blockchain,  the developers of Grin recently released a technical roadmap that looks to keep the powerful mining hardware from being used on its […]

Neo Price Bleeds 40%


NEO’s dismal performance in August has likely strengthened the already strong bear grip on its market. Down 39.6 percent month-on-month in August, it is the biggest loser among the top 25 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Throughout the month, the world’s 14th largest cryptocurrency has moved in tandem with the broader market, which took a beating […]

Crypto Exchange Giant Huobi Gains Controlling Interest in Public Firm


Crypto exchange giant Huobi has completed the purchase of majority shares of Hong Kong-based investment holding company, Patronics Holdings Limited (PHL). The development will see Huobi take over interest in an aggregate of 215,576,000 Shares, representing approximately 71.67% of the issued Shares as at the date of completing the transaction. Earlier this month, by the […]

GPU Manufacturing Giant Nvidia Leaves Crypto Mining


Media accounts are leaning toward blaming a supposed lack of interest in cryptocurrency as the reason US chip behemoth Nvidia has backed out of the mining industry. It was only a little over a year ago the company hoped to make an impact in the space. Whether it’s the industry losing steam or the simple […]

Crypto Mining for Mobile Phones

Crypto Mining

The recent times have seen the cryptocurrency space expand by leaps and bounds and the most recent watershed moment that the industry has seen is the introduction of mining cryptocurrency using mobile phones. Leaving the era of using hefty supercomputers to mine them behind, we are now entering into a phase where modern users can […]

Iranian Hackers Developing Ransomware for Bitcoin

Iranian Hackers

As the US gets ready to impose sanctions on Iran, hackers in that country are working on ransomware to secure bitcoin, according to cybersecurity experts interviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Accenture PLC’s cybersecurity intelligence group has followed five Iranian built ransomware variations in the last two years. The hackers are hoping to secure payments […]


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