GBR Coin’s Initial Coin Offering Set to Take Place 23 September


Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology has ignited the global disruption of multiple industries, ranging from finance to healthcare. Now, a Dubai-based real estate company has fast-tracked its process to propel the real estate industry to new heights using Web3 technology.

GBR Coin (GBR) is a cryptocurrency token that is powered by the Polygon blockchain network, and the team behind the digital token have aspirations of becoming the leading payment gateway in the real estate industry.

Major players in the cryptocurrency space have previously attempted to create a cryptocurrency that is free from the inherent volatility present in the market, but have been unable to do so.

GBR will achieve near-complete stability in its transactional value through the use of various algorithmic trading bots which will analyze and autonomously trade the cryptocurrency markets. Through the implementation of this technology, the world will have its first mainstream transactional cryptocurrency that is able to sustain its buying power.

In addition to its price stability, the GBR token will enable and facilitate cross-border property transactions with breath-takingly low fees, as well as unmatched security and data protection capabilities, since it is powered by an underlying blockchain network.

The elite GBR team of professionals have outdone themselves in terms of delivery, and are well ahead of schedule with their technical roadmap discussed in their whitepaper. As such, the team have moved the launch date of their ICO up to the 23rd of this month. Early-stage investors will be able to purchase GBR tokens through the project’s official website.

Problems Identified In the Crypto Industry

Enabling real estate investors to transact with a cryptocurrency is not all that the GBR project aims to do, as it has also identified other noteworthy issues in the crypto space that need to be faced head on.

The first problem that the GBR team has identified in the crypto space is the high barrier to entry. This is mainly due to the fact that there are very few on-ramp and off-ramp solutions for people that want to transact with crypto. The GBR project will address this issue by providing members of the GBR community a simple on-ramp and off-ramp solution.

Another big problem in the crypto space is the dispersion of crypto protocols and services. Although this keeps the crypto space true to its decentralized vision, it does make it more difficult for crypto users to enjoy all of the benefits that the space has to offer. The GBR platform will solve this issue by becoming an all-encompassing crypto framework.


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